Josh Smith Takes Care Of Rajaan Bennett Family For Six Months



Do you all remember the young man, Rajaan Bennett, who was recently slain by his mother’s ex-boyfriend? Even though money will never replace such a remarkable young man, the Bennett family is about to receive a break. Josh Smith of the Atlanta Hawks has offered to pay for the family’s living expenses for the next six months..

The 18-year old was a senior at McEachern High School. He had a promising future with plans to attend Vanderbilt to play football in the fall. According to a news release from the Atlanta Hawks, Smith, a McEachern alumnus himself, met Bennett last summer.

Smith said he was “very impressed with him as a person, student and athlete. I can’t imagine what this family is going through, but hopefully this will give them one less thing to worry about as they try to cope with this terrible tragedy.”

The Hawks will recognize Bennett at halftime of Saturday’s game against the Detroit Pistons.


  1. Josh Smith is a good man.GOD will bless him.and that family should be very happy to have some one look out for them.

  2. People really need to think about the senseless things they do and all the people they hurt when they commit these types of crimes. We need more people in the world that have compassion and love for one another. Josh Smith is a good man for helping this family in such a tragic time.

  3. That’s such a humble gesture! Thanks goodness, this mother doesn’t have to focus on the financial constraints while grieving. That was such a tragic situation one that no one should ever have to live through. Bless Josh, and the family of Rajaan Bennett. I hope Rajaan’s life was a beacon of hope for his surviving family that they can move forward with closure.

  4. Wow, why can’t I find a good handsome man like Josh. God Bless him! My condolence to the family of Rajaan Bennett.


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