JR Smith is focused on the Play Offs NOT Rihanna



Rihanna called JR Smith of the NY Knicks a “desert thirsty nigga” and said that he not she was the blame for his team’s poor performance during the playoffs.

Our favorite social media savvy celebrity went HAM on Instagram yesterday. Rihanna let it hang completely out in Rihanna I’m GOING FOR YOUR NECK” style about JR Smith.


She called him “desert thirsty”. She said his hangovers was the reason why the NY Knicks is suffering in the playoffs.


Well after the Knicks won over the Pacers, JR was asked about Rihanna’s comments and JR replied,

“I’m not worried about Instagram. I’m worried about the playoffs.”

Well we guess JR told RiRi!


We wonder if Rihanna has anything else to say about JR’s “desert thirst” or the NY Knicks?

Time will tell. Rihanna never let anyone have the last say. Stay tuned for her reaction!

What do you think about Rihanna’s Twitter/Instagram antics?

Did you see the game last night?

Do you think JR Smith is the reason for the Knicks poor performance thus far?

Let us know your thoughts.

Leave a comment below.

Pictures via: Instagram.

Story via: Rhymes and Snitch.


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