Juicy J To Fund $50K Twerking Scholarship



Twerking is officially America’s new favorite past time now that scholarships are being offered!

Juicy J tweeted that he would give a $50,000 scholarship to the nation’s best  twerker Wednesday night.


However, ladies, you may want to press pause on putting your best twerk moves together because soon after the tweet posted, he deleted it.

This leads us to believe that he really doesn’t have $50,ooo to give, he’s already found a winner, he figured out how bad this had room to get and decided to change his mind all together, or he was just trying to get a bit of free publicity for his upcoming album.

Maybe the rapper was feeling a little “trippy” when he originally tweeted, whatever the case the Memphis rapper’s Stay Trippy, drops Tuesday August 27.

Written by Danie Buchanan


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