Justin Bieber Brings 5,000 Police Officers For 300,000 Fans In Mexico City : New Music – ft Nicki Minaj


Justin Bieber’s free concert in Mexico City on Monday night was welcomed by upwards of 300,000 screaming fans and approximately 5,000 police officers who turned up to be blown away by the teen star.  Just before his perfomance he recorded a private messgae to his fans.  See what he said to his fans and more pics inside!

“The pics of the crowds look CRAZY here in MEXICO CITY!! IM HYPED!! This is going to be fun! MEXICO I LOVE YOU! Te AMO MUCHO!!” Bieber tweeted, later adding, “everything about tonight was special. it is everything we stand for. alot of emotions but it was worth it. 300,000 people. Te Amo MEXICO. NO ONE CAN EVER TAKE AWAY YOUR DREAMS! BELIEVE. DREAM BIG!”

Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, tweeted that the show presented an “iconic moment.” According to The Associated Press, the 18-year-old played several tracks including “Baby,” “One Less Lonely Girl” (during which he brought a fan onstage) and “Somebody to Love.” There were approximately 5,000 police officers on hand to make sure the crowds remained as in control as possible.

“Mexico City, there is a lot of people today!” Bieber reportedly yelled to the crowd at the Zócalo in between songs. “Every one of you is my biggest fan.”

While his fans displayed their devotion for the singer by braving the crowd to see him perform, in a press conference earlier that day, Bieber admitted there’s only one guy he would camp out to see perform. “There is no one I admire so much to do something crazy, but if Michael Jackson were here,” he said, “I would do it for him. So, I do understand the emotion that the girls feel, and that makes me feel very honored.”

Before taking the stage, Bieber opened up about the performance in a video he shot backstage. “I can’t say how thankful I am … This show here in Mexico City, it’s going to be incredible. I just wanted to make this video and tell you guys you inspire me just as much as I inspire you. God has really blessed me,” he says amid the shouts of his fans in the background. He added, “I hope to have this journey for a long time.”

Bieber has been traveling the globe and playing free shows, including headline-making stops in Oslo, Norway, and Paris. He will officially hit the road on his already sold-out Believe Tour later this year.


In other news TheJewelWickerShow reports Justin is preparing to release his sophomore album Believe next week so new songs have been leaking like crazy. Hear’s his new song featuring Nicki Minaj called, “Beauty & A Beat” its definitely a good dance track, that everyone could enjoy. It looks like Believe is shaping up to be a pretty good album. Listen to “Beauty & A Beat” below and share your thoughts!!


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