Justin Bieber (Feat. Jaden Smith) – Never Say Will “No Pun Intended But I Was Raised By The Power Of Will”



Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith joins Justin Bieber in the brand new music video for the single titled “Never Say Never”, which will be featured in the upcoming remake of “The Karate Kid” also starring Jackie Chan (watch music video below).
The 11 year-old is doing the back vocals for Justin but he also gets a short solo and the chance to show off his incredible dance skills while chilling out with Justin in the studio. Actor, dancer, singer and rapper – Jayden is ready to take over the world. He is so cute! Are yall feeling it?


  1. its cute i like when hes says “i was formed by 2 stars so the moons my land” is it me or does it look like justin wraps his hair at night lol


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