Justin Bieber Suffers Concussion During Concert In Paris : Surrounded By Fans in Norway


Justin can’t get a break from drama!!! Doctors say Justin Bieber will be fine after suffering a concussion Thursday in Paris.


The pop star was performing on stage in the French capital as part of his recent press tour when he went backstage in between songs and ran into a wall of glass.

Bieber tells TMZ he felt disoriented, but was able to return to the stage to finish the show. He says he later passed out for about 15-seconds as he walked back to his dressing room.


Bieber later tweeted that he was going to get some rest before getting back to work this weekend, and joked that he would have his revenge on the glass.

Justin’s free concert in Oslo, Norway, Wednesday attracted huge groups of screaming fans, leading the singer to take to Twitter and ask them to calm down and listen to police so they could put on a safe show. The plea didn’t quite work, however, as local police say 49 fans were injured in one way or another at the event. Bieber’s label Universal Music has issued a statement saying they regret that some of the fans “had a bad experience,” adding that they’re thankful no one was seriously injured.

DailyMail reoports Justin hinted that he may have hooked up with his friend and rap superstar Kanye West after tweeting: ‘@kanyewest #biebsinparis’. Mr West is in the city ahead of his Watch The Throne concert with Jay-Z at Paris Bercy.

They also say Justin Bieber fans took over Oslo, Norway, when they heard the star was due to perform a free concert in the capital

The pint sized star will be hoping his Parisian fans will not be taking police by surprise as they did in Norway.

In Oslo, fans assembled outside the Grand Hotel on Karl Johans Gate, but the Boyfriend singer was actually staying at the nearby Royal Christiania Hotel, which prompted a mass stampede when the girls found out.

Justin appeared briefly to wave at his followers but was later forced to evacuate the hotel because of security fears. 

The 18-year-old screams out to the crowds of female fans from the safety of his hotel window. Justin Bieber’s press conference had to be called off today because the fans were going crazy. The Canadian pop star takes a stance at his floor length window and continues to wave at fans

Yesterday, the police admitted that they had lost all control of the huge number of fans and were unable to cope with the sheer size of the group.

It was announced on TV, last night, by Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that Bieber would be playing a free concert at 9.20pm from a floating stage next to Oslo’s Opera House.

Armed with the new information, around 15,000 fans swamped the venue and scrambled on to the roof of the opera house waiting to see Justin perform.

Follow that car: Thousands of girls crowded the roads and stopped traffic from passing through in a timely fashion

Follow that car: Thousands of girls crowded the roads and stopped traffic from passing through in a timely fashion

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