Justin Bieber Wild Driving Angers Keyshawn Johnson



Justin Bieber sped through a Calabasas neighborhood angering Keyshawn Johnson along the way.

Ok, here’s the situation:

Justin Bieber is getting booed at the Billboard awards, partying without Selena Gomez and most recently he has angered veteran football player and current analyst, Keyshawn Johnson.

Bieber sped through his California neighborhood past a walking Johnson. It is reported that Keyshawn sped after Bieber’s FERRARI in his PRIUS and then blocked him in the driveway. When Keyshawn caught him, Bieber scurried and hid inside his home. The funniest part of the story is Keyshawn running up the driveway into the garage and giving the Bieber a harsh frown. LOL!

There were multiple eye-witnesses who “clearly saw” Bieber racing his Ferrari. L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept will past the case on to the D.A. who will add this antic to the growing list of Bieber related news.

Well, Toyota needs to give Keyshawn an endorsement. Someone tap into those street cameras for the footage and I think we have the makings of a commercial. Because either Toyota is onto something with those hybrids, Bieber just can’t drive or the Italians gave Bieber a slow Ferrari.

Source via TMZ.

Pictures via Instagram.


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