Justin Timberlake Confirms Jessica Biel’s Pregnancy with Instagram Picture


Justin Timberlake

The soulful singer Justin Timberlake just celebrated his 34th birthday yesterday, but it was not just his born day he was happy to see! Timberlake posted a picture on Instagram of him kissing his wife’s, Jessica Biel, belly! The rumors are finally confirmed, the two are having a baby!!!

Check out the details below!

American-dream singer Justin Timberlake just turned 34 and is about to be a daddy! Yesterday the former boy-band member celebrated with a picture of him kissing the love of his life’s belly. YES! The rumor about Jessica Biel pregnant is true! He confirmed in the post’s caption that they are unsure of what the baby’s sex is???

Justin and Jessica

Congrats to the beautiful couple!


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