K. Michelle GOES OFF on Blogger at Love and Hip Hop Atlanta NYC Premiere Party!

K Michelle
K. Michelle GOES OFF on Blogger at Love & Hip Hop Premiere Party in NYC.

Last Thursday during the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Premiere Party in NYC; K.Michelle let BOSSIP HAVE IT!

K-Michelle interviews with VH1

An intern from Bossip, previously referred to one of K. Michelle’s performance as an “EBT Performance. And SHE was NOT having it!

She let the blogger and audience know that Reality Stars have feelings too. That words hurt them just as much as anyone else.

We reviewed the performance of  “I Don’t Like Me“. The song had a wonderful message and at the end of the day K. Michelle can S-A-N-G!

However the response to the blogger was not so wonderful!

CLASS is everything boo.

WHO CARES about what this 1 blogger had to say about your performance?

Remember you can’t please everyone….HATERS GON’ HATE!

Personally I think you went a little over the top on this one K.

“Your reaction is their only power” and sometimes no reaction is the best reaction . You are your own brand, you can allow others to tear you down or build you up. You can’t buy CLASS at the grocery store so be sure to maintain yours in all circumstances. If you have dreams and aspirations, while in pursuit you will come across haters. Stay focused, keep your eye on the prize, and just know you must be doing something right. Know who’s for you and who’s against you and like Future says “Keep them squares up out circle.”


What are your thoughts on K. Michelle’s explosive reaction?
Story via: Rhymes with Snitch 
Photos: James Pray
Written by: Tiffany Pugh


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