Kandi Burruss Finally Fully Explains Why She Wouldn’t Reunite with Xscape


SWAY_KANDI-BURRUSS-1000x649Before Kandi Burruss was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, she was in one the biggest female groups of all time. Xscape was everything to little black girls who were coming of age in the early 1990’s. They made us feel good about ourselves. We felt every note and beat in their projects. Damn we really miss XSCAPE! SoSo Def was so HOT back in the day. LOL let’s focus and get back to the JUICE!


“Miss Keep It Real Atlanta,” stopped by Sway in the Morning show last month and finally  revealed the real reason she wants nothing too do with her other group members, and why she didn’t attend the So So Def 20 year anniversary?

Kandi don’t F with those chicks no more! That’s the reason why there will never ever be a Xscape Reunion. This makes us so sad because these girls are truly iconic. Kandi made a point to say that she and Tiny are cool. Kandi and Tiny (people never really bring Tiny into the equation) has no interest in reuniting with Tosha or Tamika. Kandi says that she is bothered by Tamika spreading rumors and lies to make her look bad in the media. We agree with KANDI……..KEEP THEM LAMES OUT YOUR CIRCLE. Kandi do you boo! We have our cassette tapes whenever we want to hear some of those tunes :).


GlobalGrind’s Brittany Lewis sat down with singer/songwriter Kandi Burruss who revealed all the inside details about the RHOA Reunion show, including the details behind Kenya Moore and Apollo’s blow up and Porscha Stewart’s divorce. She talks about her newest show Kandi Factory there’s been 5 episodes and 3 episodes left. Kandi is actively writing all of the music for the contestants except for the rapper. Kandi is so talented! She makes it look so easy. She talks about her musical muses. Go head Kandi girl:

“I’m good under pressure and I can come up with stuff really quick!”

Kandi also took the time to remember some of her fondest moments with the late Chris Kelly of Kris Kross. She remembers Chris Kelly as a kid. She remembers Chris Kelly as a producer and how he worked with her before she became a big big writer.

Kandi discusses that she will have male sex toys for the men coming soon. Men’s Bedroom Kandi that is going to be HOT!

Kandi has so much going on! We are so impressed girl!

Check out one of our favortie Xscape songs! Man it would be so nice if they could come back to us but we do have our cassette tapes and memories.

We absolutely LOVE Kandi she is so talented!
Are you following the big moves Kandi is making?
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