Kandi Burruss Lands Deal with Asylum Records + How she used ‘Housewives’ success to grow music career


Congratulations to Singer/Songwriter and “RHOA” cast member Kandi Burruss for recently signing record deal with Asylum Records.  Her album should be coming out in the spring and will include producers Jazzy Pha & Drumma Boy.  I also heard that it will feature rappers Gucci Mane, Rick Ross, Rasheeda.

Kandi also recently gave an interview to The Canadian Press about using the “RHOA” to jump back into the music scene.

AP: You rewrote and produced the song “Tardy For the Party” for your cast mate Kim Zolciak. Were you worried about the song failing while on the show?

Burruss: It could’ve went either way. It went good but it could’ve been career suicide for me. If that song would’ve been wack, that’s all people would remember me by. Nobody would’ve taken me seriously. Labels would’ve been saying I’m not hot anymore as a writer. … I’m thankful it turned out all right.

AP: Now, you’re looking to release an album this year. What will be the album title?

Burruss: At first, I was going to call it “B.L.O.G.” because I was inspired by some of the things I read on the blogs. Now I’m feeling like I should called it “Fly Above.” I’m overcoming stress and drama.

AP: Will you go into depth about your “Housewives” experience and A.J.’s death on the album?

Burruss: Some of the songs were written prior to the show. Half of the songs were written during my relationship with A.J. With the “Housewives” show you get the visual. So this album is the soundtrack to the show.

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By: That Retail Chick

6 responses to “Kandi Burruss Lands Deal with Asylum Records + How she used ‘Housewives’ success to grow music career”

  1. Dilla says:

    That’s wonderful news, I hope she succeeds. I bought her single “I fly Above”

  2. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    Good for her!! She deserves ALL the success in the world, I’ll be sure to buy HER CD when it comes out!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  3. brob67 says:

    u go girl!

  4. Dymon says:

    I do wish her success, even though I do not like “Tardy for the Party”, did she even write that? I don’t like “Fly Above” either. Guess I just don’t go for her singing. I think that she is a nice person, though and wish her success.

  5. maniah gibbs says:


  6. Misstashababy says:

    I have to agree with every! much success to Kandi becuz she’s a very geniune person from what we have seen and also been told by her really close friends but i have to disagree with DYMON the songs Kandi put her name to r HOTTT all the hits we love well most she wrote it and some ppl didnt even know she wrote them (sad) Tardy For The Party has done really well so it cant b that wack also Fly Above is alot of ppl’s athem song so that also has done very well so that also cant b so wack. i support Kandi go get her CD yall “Kandi Koated” coming out the end of this year.

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