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Kandi Coated Nights: Special Guest Frankie & The Infamous “Ridickulus”

Last night I attended my homie Kandi’s popular late night radio show Kandi Coated Nights. The show was having some special guests and I although I wasnt sure who would be in the building, I knew it had to be somebody crazy and entertaining. To my surprise my homie and Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie walked in as well as “Ridickulus”, the famous stripper that appeared on the last episode of RHOA. Check inside for more deets on the show and even the answer to all of America’s question to “Ridickulus” if  he is indeed gay.

The show was just as hilarious and crazy as I anticipated. The Kandi Koated cast asked Frankie what was the craziest thing she ever done and to which she replied “Here is the video”. Check that video below.

The highlight of the show though was “Ridickulus” who was heavily questioned on the internet about his sexuality after showing he could give himself oral sex. To our surprise he informed viewers that he was previously married to a woman…….for 7 years!!

“Ridickulus” also discussed him currently being on a “strip tour” where he is performing around the world showing his “oral skills”.He also wanted to make it clear that when he gives himself oral sex he only only puts whip cream on the tip and doesnt put the entire shaft in his mouth……..alrighty then. Men that worked at the radio station were completely disgusted with this information and when asked if they felt that his “performance” was a homosexual thing they all replied YES. Later on in the evening broke the exclusive that Mediatakeout was right “Ridickulus” strips for both men and women and that he’s bisexual. Get this yall, he still works a 9 to 5 at Bank of America and they didn’t even know he was going to be on the housewives show…

The entire show was wild and entertaining and Frankie made sure to show her new signature dance the “Frankie Leg” which would have you laughing for hours.

She had Kandi doing the dance with her and we have the video for you below.  You can catch episodes of Kandi Koated Nights on KandiKoatedTv at 10:30Pm. Shoutout to all the lovely castmates at Kandi Koated Nights and especially to Nikki Nicole and DJ-AONE for the exclusive invite. (@Kandi @NikkiNicole08 @thedjaone) Check pictures below.

Do you believe it is gay for a man to suck his own penis even if its only the tip?

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