Kandi Defends Negative Portrayals Of Black Women On Reality TV


Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss sat down with Hello Beautiful and discussed reality TV and the constant criticism from viewers about the negative images of black women on television. According to Kandi, cast of shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives are not on television to represent black women as a whole, they are on television representing themselves:
Here’s what Kandi had to say:

Before I even joined the show everybody was talking about how it brought down the image of black people and black women. But I always tell people when you come on a reality show you’re not trying to represent for a whole race, you’re just doing you. You hope people think you’re interesting and people like it. The one thing people don’t give as far as our series, The Real housewives of Atlanta; we are a majority black cast on a network that doesn’t have that many shows featuring African Americans. So for us to be the number one show on that network…..why people don’t give us any props for that, I don’t even understand.

Yes, it does play into the stereotype of what people say black women are with the neck popping, finger rolling or whatever but I don’t feel like it’s any different than the New Jersey Housewives where it’s mostly Italian Americans on there. What they do on that show? It’s a lot of hot headed Italians on that show but I don’t see their communities saying “ Oh, they’re not representing us Italian Americans correctly or they’re not representing white women correctly.”

I feel like we as black people can be very critical of our own race and I don’t even think it should be a thing of “How are they representing us?” Guess what? If you had a camera on you for six months and they taped as much as they wanted to tape and edited it down, I’m sure they’re going to have some moments where you’re showing out too.

I agree with Kandi. I also believe that some races have this stereotypical perception of African American women because of what they see in the media and unfortunately when black women are cast for these shows, the producers always attempt to find that person that can feed into that stereotype to make the show interesting. Atleast, Kandi can sleep well at night knowing that she didn’t go on TV acting completely crazy for camera time.

What’s your take on the whole situation, are we as African Americans often stereotyped or are we being too judgmental?


  1. No matter how she spins it, the negative portrayal of black women on television is overwhelming and sad.

  2. I love Kandi COUNTRY ASS and she got an ASS as well. That shit is ridiculous!!!! But Brittany is correct on that subject.

  3. I think kandi has a point. If they didn’t want to be portrayed in a negative light then they shouldn’t do the shows. And no one makes us watch these shows. There are plenty of options

  4. I totally agree with Kandi. Also I think RHOA does displays African American in a Good light How many programs can we view wealthy African Americans, being social and enjoying the events they attend. We (AA) have NO shows on CBS, NBC, ABC and somewhat the CW. So lets support onr another or shut up because we have enough negativity.

    I brought a white co-worker to a African American play and she was shocked to see 90% African Americans attending?!?! She never saw so many people of color dress and attending a play, RHOA shines some good light on those stuck in the 60’s.

  5. This is an issue that will never go away so ppl need to just deal with it or turn off the tv…my pastor always say that tv literally tells-a-vision…

  6. It’s all entertainment and it doesn’t represent us as a whole. People want to see drama and who better to deliver it than black women. I get bored watching the other
    seasons cause they are all so sad. Either they are being abused, spending ridiculous amounts of money, depressed, or eating salads. Kandi definitely gave a good interview and made excellent points. I don’t care what anyone says, they will have my attention every Sunday

  7. I had to finally stop listening to Kandi.

    She seems sweet sometimes, and she’s definitely good at creating music that will sell (not good, just what will sell).

    But she’s a dunce when it comes to anything remotely political.

    And how the hell does she not know that Italians in Europe and the US are OUTRAGED by the stereotypical depictions of them shoved down their throats?? She’s such a dummy. Truly.


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