Kandi, Kim, Keri, Rasheeda, & Wyclef Jean Takes Over The Aphiliates Studio



I got to tell yall I love me some Kandi, Kim, Keri, & Rasheeda… Last night they had twitter land on fire as the world watch the women live on ustream… The ladies took over the Aphiliates studio in the ATL to record tracks for a mix tape which will be out later this year.


With over 41,000 people watching them live on twitter the talked about everything thing their fans wanted to know… The night got even crazier when Wyclef walked in fresh off a plane to record some hits. Here is some video of him singing to the girls …

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  1. Hunnie when I say Wy Clef rock that free style child… He always fly and stay spitting realness he is so unique… I LOve you Wy Clef hope fully see you soon look for me…:-)

  2. Why is Kim in the studio! She can’t sing!
    I’m tired of Keri Hilson. She is overexposed! Enough already with her flat ass. Tell her to do something with that bottom lip.
    None of these people are stars. Kandi is cool but…cmon. Who is buying this mixtape?

  3. Clef is DAT DUDE!! “The Fugees” – I can STILL listen to after ALL this time ; Clef: a super talent!!

    ‘Charles the hater’ is a Sandra Rose disciple! There’s a place for “Haters” in the Blogosphere; even then, he can’t “make it as a hater” ; else, he’d have a blog, like his “misandrist-mentor!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  4. monique u looked a hot mess . kandi pls stop wearin that crap on yur head. y look like some old bama auntie,


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