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Kandi & Rasheeda Celebrate Friends Don Juan And Carmon’s Birthday


RHOA Kandi Burruss, her husband Todd Tucker, and LHHATL star Rasheeda celebrated the birthdays of her Manager Don Juan and Executive Assistant Camron at BQR Lounge over the weekend.  Check out all the pictures from the Scorpio Day Party below.


Kandi recently started filming her late night show Kandi Koated Nights again and so far we know that Erica Mena will spilling the beans about her relationship with Bow Wow!



Kandi and her crew have been friends for a long time.


Don Juan, Kandi’s manager, stays busy managing a ring of talent.  His clients include celebrity make artist Latasha Wright and entertainment personality Funkydineva.



Rasheeda always look good!!!  Make sure you visit her online store for all the latest fashions!

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