Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Officially Dating?!?



This week in the rumor mill: Kanye and Kim K dating? I mean, every couple of days its seems like someone spots Kim K with a celebrity getting close. Well…Rapper Kanye West and model/ reality star Kim Kardashian are dating, according to reports. According to In Touch mag the rap superstar and Kim were seen in a Chicago restaurant recently getting close. Now Kanye…no one man should have all that power. A source told them: “Kanye had his arm around her all evening! He was rubbing her knee all night – they definitely looked like a couple.”

Kim Kardashian has had a busy week turning 30 yesterday. She also said no to the chance to be given a cake worth $1 million by a nightclub in the Big Apple. She said: “Making a million dollar birthday cake is just ridiculous! I’d rather they gave me a cupcake and donate the rest of the money to the homeless.”


  1. I hope Kanye smashed it. I rather see him with Amber instead of a Kardashian. Them brawds do nothing but go from black man to black man. Kim and her sisters ain’t nothing but gold diggers.

  2. Reggie got to be pissed! Once a hoe always a hoe. U don’t go get bunned up with the dude your ex was beefn’ with.

  3. And she has the nerve to blast Reggie for caring about her…she’s terrible…check out the video from her blasting reggie Bush…www.truelinkmagazine.com

  4. OMG! Kim is so nasty, if Kayne is dating her, then he cannot be serious about finding that wifey type woman, because Kim has only proven to the public time and time again that she is not ready to settle down with any man. Does Kayne not see how she is going from man to man like nothing. I personally would not want a girl that has pretty much been around the block. Yeah, have fun, but at the same time have some dignity, moral and standards. She seem to just date and sleep with anyone.

  5. Kanye sure loves nasty skanks, first it was amber rose and now it kim k, I thought kim k was messing around with miles austin., UGH!!! This chick is NASTY, NASTY, NASTY.

  6. TO DC DONNA: don’t worry, they just passing kim k around, those men care nothing about her, why you think they dumped her, they just hitting it, I call kim k a marijiana blunt, cause she keeps being pass around from person to person,


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