Kanye West Cancels GOOD Fridays Due To Song Leaks!



Kanye, Mos Def, & Tip.. Late night studio… he got on Tip’s glasses

Kanye West isn’t happy with all these computer hackers. Kanye West is canceling GOOD Friday” this week due to new album songs being leaked. The songs were “Lost In The World, “All Of The Lights” from his upcoming that will be out later this year. Here are his tweets addressing the matter.
Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 8.02.40 AM

Damn its always one person that messes things up for everyone…


  1. What makes his complaint weak is that even the Pentagon gets hacked so he shouldn’t be upset. On a daily bases our own government with the best fire wall in the world gets hacked.

    Keep putting out that good music Ye


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