Kanye West Don’t Care about ‘Yeezus’ Leaks



Kanye went HAM on Twitter about ‘Yeezus‘ album leaks.

Check it out!

Kanye West says,

“I Give No F*cks at All”

Supposedly the carefully protected ‘Yeezus has suffered from an album leak. Kanye went to Twitter to let the world know that he don’t care about the leaks.

According to Mashable.com,

“The leak wasn’t surprising. Let’s take West’s impromptu Yeezus listening party in New York City this week, for example, which Mashable attended. As the album blared from the speakers and his light gray T-shirt progressively turned darker as sweat secreted off his body, the 100 or so attendees inside Milk Studios freely used their phones to record their surroundings — most importantly, the sounds. When asked whether attendees could record audio and video, someone at West’s label said they didn’t have any qualms with the music leaking.”

Kanye continues the nonchalant act or maybe he don’t care considering he’s a new daddy. Either way we can’t wait to hear ‘Yeezus’ for ourselves.

What do you think about the leak?

Have your heard ‘Yeezus’ yet?

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Source via: Mashable.


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