Kanye West Gives Intimate Kim Kardashian Wedding Proposal Details


Kanye Wedding Details InterviewLadies, would you put Kanye West in the “man on my dreams” category?  I mean, yeah he has money, but wouldn’t you feel special if your boyfriend had THREE WEDDING RINGS designed just to ask you to marry him?  Yeah!  Kanye is that kind of dude.  It turns out that he is traditional too!!  Based on the interview below, Mr. Old School himself asked Kris Jenner for Kim Kardashian’s hand in marriage before he popped the question!  AND Kanye planned the ENTIRE PROPOSAL out with his creative team at DONDA just like he plans his albums!! OMG!  This interview is full of Kanye and Kim wedding proposal details!!!  You’ve got to see this one!  Check it below and let us know if Kanye got some cool points back from all the spazzing he’s been doing lately!

And just in case you missed the ring…



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