Kanye West New Video: “Coldest Winter”


Kanye West will be delivering new work this week, as the video for his track “Coldest Winter” arrives. Nabil Elderkin directed the piece, and says the clip’s simplicity is what really makes it work. He tells MTV News, quote, “It’s pretty minimalistic. It’s slow and very visual. I just wanted to catch the vibe of the song and not get too literal.” Elderkin notes that the lyrics to “Coldest Winter” are very personal to Kanye, which led him to direct a video that taps into the song’s emotions. Kanye West’s “Coldest Winter” is featured on his most recent album, “808s & Heartbreak.” An actual debut date for the video was not reported. Did you like the video its really deep… I’m not feeling it how about you??

Kanye West has been laying low for the past few months after interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards. He is said to be working on a fifth studio release that will arrive sometime this year.


  1. that video wasn’t deep, it was an attempt to be deep, that dumbass autotune in the background takes away any seriousness from the video X (


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