Kanye West Remains Quiet At Deposition In Suge Knight Case



The normally outspoken Kanye West is remaining silent when it comes to Suge Knight’s lawsuit over a 2005 shooting. The two were in New York on Friday for a deposition, and the according to the “New York Post’s” “Page Six,” West was in no mood to converse. Knight’s attorney Marc Brumer statesd  “He basically put his hands over his head and didn’t say anything for six hours.” Brumer adds,  “He evidently doesn’t know anything about anything, despite the fact that he hosted the party.” Kanye West hosted a party at Miami’s Shore Club in August 2005 during the weekend of the MTV Video Music Awards. Knight was shot by an unknown suspect during the party, and suffered a shattered femur that required multiple operations. Knight is seeking more than one-million dollars from West, claiming he didn’t have enough security at the event.Kanye West is currently working on his fifth studio release, “Good Ass Job.” The record is expected to arrive in stores this September.

Courtney L.


  1. Okay so why is it Kanye West fault his fat ass got Shot. It isnt Kanye West job to provide security. I really cant stand this fat fuck!!!!

  2. Suge Knight is a bully (Debo) doesn’t have mind control anymore. Kanye doesn’t have any legal obligation to Suge.. So suck it up sucka Night..

  3. And IF Suge gets rewarded anything, it’ll go to all his debts. Bill collectors are licking their chops waiting on him to come across some money….BIG DUMMY!!!


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