Kanye West Shows Off New Diamond Teeth



Kanye West is biting into a new look. The emcee stopped by the “Ellen” show on Tuesday where he showed off his new set of diamond teeth. Kanye discussed his new grill, telling host Ellen DeGeneres, quote, “It’s replaced my bottom row of teeth,” adding, quote, “I just thought diamonds were cooler.” When asked why he decided to put diamonds in his mouth, Kanye replied, quote, “There’s just certain stuff that rock stars are supposed to do.” Kanye’s new grill wasn’t the only thing he unveiled to “Ellen’s” audience on Tuesday.


  1. What a stupid immature move. Why would he do this. Well I guess I know and we know why he did it by now from his announcement on Ellen Degeneres talk show, but at the same time his decision does not make any sense. See what happens when you have too much money. Boredom hits you and then you start doing some messed up stuff. There is so much good Kayne could be doing with his money instead of placing diamond tooth in his mouth.


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