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Kanye West Brings His New Girlfriend To The Club

Does rapper Kanye West have a new girlfriend? Looking at some recent pictures it appears so…or at least he has a new boo.

Unsurprisingly, it’s a white chick with brunette hair.

Kanye was spotted with a blonde in Cannes just a while back so this comes as no surprise.

Look inside for more pics of the two boo’ed up in the club!

We’re not really sure WHO this is as of now but she is camera shy.

Once she realized the camera man was taking pics, she started trying to cover her face. Can’t blame her. Perhaps she’s not ready to make that big of a commitment just yet.

On the other hand, they did appear to be having a good time while the drinks flow. Although Kanye did recently gush about his feelings towards Amber Rose at a concert, I guess he’s over that…or at least trying to get over it. One thing is for sure…it will be interesting to see her replacement.

Do you think this is Kanye’s new boo or just a fling?

Spotted @GlobalGrind

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