Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead” Leaked Video



Kanye West fans got a chance to see a glimpse of “Yeezus” first video after it was “accidently” leaked on Universal Music on Monday.

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The “Black Skinhead” video is in fact a leaked, unfinished version as confirmed by Kanye West on Twitter. The video was taken down but not quick enough because the video went viral.

As we can see the video is very artistic. Yeezy looks to be in Black Skin as he raps the following,

“They say I’m possessed,”

“Black Skinhead,” is the first official video from his latest album, Yeezus.

And the stark three-minute clip, fittingly shot in black and white, does little to dispell the notion. A PED-ripped stand-in wearing little more than a huge gold chain bounces like a fighter stepping into the ring to the thundering clatter of one of the new album’s most industrial-metal tunes. It’s has ROCK & ROLL and KANYE WEST written all over it.

Kanye West released “Yeezus” last month. He is currently gearing up to launch a collection of clothing with French fashion brand A.P.C.

Kanye West stays busy.

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