Kat Stacks Tells It All (Her Life Story) At KandiCoatedNights


Last night, Kat Stacks was interviewed on Kandi Burruss’s (RHOA) show Kandi Coated Nights, airing every Wednesday on Ustream / KandiOnline.com.  During the intervew, she gave us insight on what got her to where she is now and how she got all this internet fame.


Alot of people think they know Kat’s story but really they have no idea of what she has been thru and all of the obstacles that she overcome.

Kat Stacks’ career began at the age of 14 when she started stripping in different NYC night clubs to make money, revealing she ran away from home  and moved to the Bronx.  For the young Stacks, life was hard. Katt has been seen heavily on the blogosphere due to her publicity on which was originally started by the homie Necolebitchie who was the first to speak about her and was then picked up buy   Mediatakeout and WorldStarHipHop. What most people don’t know is that Kat never intended for all this drama to happen. Telling Kandi this was all unexpected and all started over an internet post that Mediatakeout posted, she saw all the drama that came and all the publicity that she got and knew she had struck gold. Being about her money Kat wanted to turn this new venture in to a bigger opportunity  and knew that she had all that it took to get to that paper.

Known for her claims of sleeping with several rappers in the industry, @Ihatekatstacks soon was approached by WorldstarHipHop to post videos put all her different lovers on blast. In all honesty, her story was…kind of sad but uplifting, because although she had a hard life she’s changing and growing everyday, and thats what life is really about “Growth.” She had her first miscarriage at the age of 15 after being beaten by her boyfriend, which led her to start drinking. Now at the tender age of 20, she looks at men in a whole different light. Kandi  received hate mail after letting her fans know that she would be on the show, but felt it was important for kat to tell her story. You never really know why someone does what they do until you her it from them. Kat has a book coming out and a new reality show on the way. If you are wondering if the book will be like Superheads… its not. Its going to tell her entire story and all the drama that she has been through.. Yeah, she has all the trimmings for VH1’s exploitation…. Ya’ll know what it is…

Here are all the pics….

21 responses to “Kat Stacks Tells It All (Her Life Story) At KandiCoatedNights”

  1. jason says:

    omg first u was hating on her now u dont know what she has been through give me a break epic fail!!!!

  2. kendrea roby says:

    i missed the interview… probably will be on world star though 🙂 lol.

    follow @kendrearoby

  3. Natalie says:

    @ihatekatstacks looks nasty eww you brag about fuck this and that rapper but ur always stranded #backwards quit givin the pussy away for #Free

  4. Real Go Getter says:

    1 question why can’t u afford a rental car #TaxiCab looking ass

  5. SoClassy says:

    She Looks Horrible, Like She Is Sick In These Pictures. SMH … No One Should Feel Sorry, She Shouldn’t Have Ran Away In The First Place & Stripping at 14! Ha, no wonder she is just now growing into an Mature Adult, but she is still a far cry from it!

  6. N says:

    So I see @ihatekatstacks HIV is starting to show

  7. Real Go Getter says:

    @ihatekatstacks should be worried about less dick and take care of her son that’s pathetic Ur Son Needs You Be a Mother Not A Free Cock Sucker Niggas with millions U Makin 50 #BasicBitches.

  8. vivianloveyou1 says:

    i like it so much

  9. Missgee says:

    That HIV sure is starting to show on her, It’s either that, or all that dick suckin is wearing her down.

  10. elaine11 says:


  11. Renee says:

    F**k the whole had a bad life story because how about that’s the dumb ish you end up getting caught up in when you run away from home at 14. Point blank she always was a ho* and she was a lil hot a** that ran away from home to be a full blown trick. Please I slept on concrete project floors and had to raise my baby brother, then got left with my mean strick a** grandma but did I run away. H*lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll no I chalked life up and was a real woman about mine. Did what I had to do in school graduated went to college got caught up with a fool and had kids but still didn’t become a h** I just grind hard to provide for mine the respectful way. I’m denying n***as not calling out a list, stupid trick. Where is her son?????

  12. I think these ladies need to arrange their seating so that the guest is NOT behind them…poor interview technique… and also when the host next to Kandi said ‘we aint got time to research sh*t” I thought …hmmm this is not what one says when one wants a tv show based upon their internet talk show…but what do I know??………….

  13. SMFH says:

    Stop blowing this ducks head up further. This hoe hasn’t grown. She still on the same childish ass antics she been on. ONly person she mad famous is that Mazi nigga! With that being said, she needs to go get her some help because this shit has gone way past funny and its NOW just sad. Any woman who does some ishh like this needs a mental evaluation. She has such little worth and respect for herself and she OBVIOUSLY has NO respect for anyone else. She is an ex prostitute who isn’t trying to do NOT better with herself. Money ain’t the end all be all & is NO excuse for this type of ratchett ass hood hoe behavior. She is broke down and raggedy looking as fuck. I know broke people who got better swagg then this hoe and she claiming to have money!? Jesus take the wheel. All I got to say is THANK god she isn’t black.

  14. HIZ#1FAN says:

    I believe in giving some1 a second chance but that personhas to want to change, and if she dont turn her life around now she probably never will and if she does no one will believe her…you need to get a real job sit down and live life like we do….out of the public. You dont need to explain anything to anyone so get out of the lime light and do u. WTF make paper the right way not bein a whore or liar.

  15. HIZ#1FAN says:

    Ok I just watched the video….wtf she think puttin these dudes life on blast if funny, bitch u gonna make less money by doin that i jus dont know what else to say, well actually I do but imma be nice and end this.

  16. netta says:

    sooooo was da ugly bitch tellin da truth or lyin bout da rappers??? she did it 4 publicity 2 get known?? and worldstarhiphop jus ran wit it?? n im tired of all these hoes crying bout they had a horrible life bitch look at keyshia and neffie look at toya carter its som bitches out there dat been thru shit but changed their whole life around stop usin ya past as a clutch DAMN!

  17. brenda says:


  18. R U SERIOUS says:

    OK….SHE is a sad case. I feel sorry for this chick; I heard she’s very “twitter crazed” and tweets all day—-about fucking and sucking—drinking all day and is a complete waste of space! WTF does she have on, I’m at a lost for words about that get-up. She talks mad shit about how she has “stacks” and all this money but dresses like a cheap whore. Her hair is forever fucked up and she runs around with Mazi who is “supposedly” this boss and he cant help get her no quality Indian hair, a stylist, and some nicer clothes. WOOOOOOW Kat your pimp has you out here looking like a red-bone–long haired—poodle mixed with a great dane…she is one ugly ass red bone! LMAO she talks so much sh!t about people and cant even afford to do so. I think she should really seek help, maybe counseling because she does have mental issues. I want to see her doing better. She is headed towards destruction. I’m going to pray for her because that what she needs.

  19. misstashababy says:

    This poor girl omg she’s only 20years old she needs prayer more then anything i have to agree with some of u about how other women have been through smiliar things like kat stacks but havent turned out like she did thats so true but every1 get their strength from different places in their life or different ppl iin their life she had none of the above so i kinda understand where she coming from she need guidence and a genuine person iin her life even on the show Kandi tried to give her some vaulable advice and tell now u did this basically set u and ur son up for better but it was like kat let it go in one ear and out the other so she will better herself when she’s ready and right now she’s just not ready.@BRITISH BELL come on now its a fun internet show were they dont have to b so politicaly correct its all fun lighten up on them.

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