Katt Stacks Cornered… And Made To Apologize…AGAIN



For those of you that don’t know, Katt Stacks is an alleged video groupie who brags about all the men in the industry she has been with. She gives names, numbers, and puts rappers (in particular) on blast. I really don’t understand why dudes keeping sexing ol’ girl even when they know she’s been busted down sideways like a bananna. But in this installment of “Bitch Apologize”, Katt Stacks was cornered by Young Mazi and his aunts (apparently), and made to apologize…yet again (click link to see first smack down–smh), for her accusations of screwing rappers. This seems to be a reaccurring theme in Katt Stacks life. I mean, is it me, or didn’t Young Mazi (seen in the videos below) just kick in someone’s Magnum, breaking their headlights, because they came up to his video shoot trying to regulate on Stacks…now he is doing the same. Maybe she should try another road to fame….Check out the videos below.

It was all good just a week ago…..


  1. This girl leads a dangerous life. She needs to sit down somewhere before she doesn’t make it out of one of these crazy situations…

  2. LAME! Stop f*cking with her and you won’t have to worry about yo spot bein blown. Everyone who keeps involving themselves in this is a sad case, smfh! This dud talkin bout he’ll stomp her face in the ground or whatever, then saying he won’t put his hands on a woman… Yea Right! Normally any dude with so much ANGER inside of them, who’s always ready to fight would more than likely hit a woman…

  3. I think it’s all staged… she didn’t really seem that scared, it seemed very routine for her. #ImJustSayin

  4. :: she’s DEFINATLY a CLOWN as well as dumb!! what type of person, whore or otherwise, lets a bunch of people clown them like that? She needs help & JESUS!!

  5. this sum lame ass shit wit a lame ass nigga followed by a lame ass bitch! Get real he so gangster he thought to put on that skeet ass v-neck tee with sum striped track pants WOW and a bob wit a s-curl kit.Did they tape this shit in 2000! he could have hit hit that nigga minutes ago but he rather talk loud n make a scene so in my eyes he a hoe a ass nigga cuz thats a bitch move to fuck wit a nigga car.Act like yo daddy n not ya momma cuz that bitchness running thru ya veins aint a good look.Kat is ugly ass hell so i guess he think if he fuck wit a hoe that the whole industry fucked that mean he big time. AMP YA GAME UP


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