Katt Williams Sued For $1 Million



Katt Williams has found himself in more hot water. AllHipHop.com is reporting that the Hollywood funnyman is being sued by recording studio owner Merion Powers for one-million-dollars. Powers, who filed the lawsuit in Georgia’s Fulton County Superior Court, says Williams had been using his recording space for comedy routines. Last October, Williams reportedly showed up to Powers’ studio with his “attack dog” by his side. The comedian allegedly gave his dog a verbal command, at which point the canine pounced on a dog owned by Powers. The injured animal wound up needing treatment from a veterinarian.

This past December, Williams requested that Powers meet him at a Four Seasons hotel to discuss the October incident. During their meeting, Powers reportedly informed the “First Sunday” star that he was thinking about filing criminal charges over the dog attack. Williams allegedly responded by threatening to kill Powers and punching him in the face. Powers now wants one-million-dollars in damages.

Last month, it was reported that a construction company had filed a lien against Katt Williams. Extreme Fence claims the comedian failed to pay an 89-hundred-dollar bill for their services.


  1. I guess he’s going to have to come out of retirement for this one and now we know that it has been officially stamped that he’s on those butters! I mean a man so small shouldn’t be sweating like a beast while doing anything unless he’s on stones and we obiviously can see he isn’t fat so that’s why he’s going broke huh?! Help him baby Jesus, he was so funny and when was the last time he got his “hair did”?

  2. Katt acts like he has lost his damn mind! He getting sued right and left, going to to jail…..He done lost it! He’s going bankrupt and he swears he’ll never do stand up again, and if he think he’s gonna make off his rap career, then your sadly mistaken lil man cause U SUCK! Trust me stick to comedy!

  3. I don’t know if he has one million dallars he proubly hot but he is stupid and plus he punch a man he going to sue the hell out of him poor little tink tink what a fuck up life.


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