Keaton Jones Gofund me Shut Down- owned by stranger

Really Kimberly Jones??? Photo Credit you tube video screenshot Inside Edition

What in the world is happening with this whole Keaton Jones bully fiasco. Last week a 10 yr old girl and a 13 year old girl committed suicide and no talks online no gofund me was brought to our attention to even help pay for the funerals. But Keaton Jones posts a video of her son crying for help & automatically some stranger starts a go fund me in her son’s name and raises $58,000 which GoFundMe and Frozen and shut down! SMH!

Apparently Go Fund Me shut down the account titled “Stand Up for Keaton”according to TMZ because they need to verify if the mom Kimberly Jones is a beneficiary. How can a non related stranger start a go fund me and raise that kind of money and no one has any idea if he has plans to even give her the proceeds. Not only that, GoFUndMe has reached out to the mom with no success. Allegedly the mom tries to start her own Go Fund me for Christmas Toys and immediately the account was not only shut down but reported to the fraud department due to the fact they need to determine if the account was indeed started by Kimberly. To add insult to injury the mom thought it would be a good idea to post photos on social media with her kid and the confederate flag stating she thought it would be funny and ironic. It was a joke. See how’s Black Twitter is laughing at your joke? Not Funny At All

FreddyO will be on the job following this story.



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