Keke Wyatt Is Back & Better Than Ever


I have to say Atlanta’s newest Georgia Peach the So SO Sexy Keke Wyatt recently moved to the ATL with her family… Now I got too tell yall she is one of those type of chicks that you can’t help but love cause she is so really, and always tells it like it is…

Keke is getting ready to put out her new album and just dropped her new single “Who Knew”, and I must say she still got it …

Here is video of her singing one of the songs that made us all fall in love with her

Make sure yall check out her new song “Who Knew” …

6 responses to “Keke Wyatt Is Back & Better Than Ever”

  1. heather says:

    i cant wait!!!!!!

  2. X,Y,"and Z" says:

    Freddy, isn’t SHE the one who went on Global Grind and talked mess ’bout the R&B singer Joe being abusive to HER mother? I’m sure it was! Joe was asked, he flat-out denied it! Oh, so she’s sexy to you, is she? Well, isn’t SHE the one just totally infatuated with Shia Labouff?

    Freddy, if you’re to lust after someone, why NOT lust after someone who wants something to do with you? ….”You as a black man!”

    We can NOW add Ms. Wyatt to the ranks of the undesirables; she can “keep-company” with Naomi Campbell, Tiger Woods and the rest of those heading to the land of the “wanna-be and has-beens!”

    Freddy, I spend my, hard-earned loot, on those that “give ME something in return!” Even if it’s a fantasy, the fantasy is that much more “real” if she desires someone – who looks like me – in her company! Why NOT say a Brandy, Monica, Chrisette Michelle even Crazy Mary J. Blige…ketch my drift???

    Now I expect black women to post comments – condemning me for my choices, of where and what measure, I utilize for MY decisions, as a consumer; leave me the alone!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  3. WhoGoneCheckMeBoo says:

    she is so beautiful…alright keke…

  4. MsTooGood says:

    So because she said Shia LeBouf looks good you deduced that she doesn’t associate with or find Black men attractive? That math doesn’t add up homie. I’m all for Black love and being pro Black but when it turns into anti anything else it’s the same RACISM that we cry foul about. Wack! Next…

  5. ohpleasegivemebreak says:

    Rubbish of what x, y and z has mentioned. Rumors and gossip is all I can say. Not true. Get your facts together… Why can’t people focus on the positive things about others then magnify negativity in others life. Unless you are so perfect and no stones are thrown at you? I doubt it very serious to x, y and z.
    I agree with Mstoogood….racism is horrible and it’s wack. She is a true singer that has a story to tell in her lyrics.

  6. maniah gibbs says:


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