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Kendrick Lamar Talks Staying True On The Breakfast Club

This interview shows that Kendrick Lamar is cut from the cloth of rappers gone who not only spoke about change but also rapped about it. This is a very rare thing in this current era of Hip Hop.

This interview truly tells the story of something different and refreshing. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that rappers like him don’t exist. On the contrary there are rappers like him all over the globe and in every city. It’s just that they never see the kind of mainstream success that Kendrick is reveling in currently.

What stands out to me is that he has decided to not talk about star problems or the woes of being rich like many artists. Instead, he has decided to stick to the “everyman” talk that garnered his core fan base.

All I have to say to this is kudos Kendrick and keep doing what you’re doing. ┬áSound off below.

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