Kenya Moore See Nothing Wrong With Texting Phaedra’s Husband Apollo


kenya 1While promoting season six of “RHOA“, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey spoke to ABC radio about whether it’s appropriate for a woman to text a married man.  The scenario will appear as a storyline on an upcoming episode of the Bravo show when Kenya is confronted about texting Apollo, the husband of her nemisis Phaedra Parks.  Here’s what the ladies said on the radio…

Why Kenya Doesn’t Feel Bad About Texting Apollo:
“I am like an open book. I don’t try to hide things so if I was texting in response to [him] texting me first I don’t see how that’s a problem, especially when they were not inappropriate texts.”

Cynthia Bailey Chimed In and Doesn’t Think the Situation is Right: 
“If you don’t have that kind of relationship with the wife, I think it’s completely inappropriate to have a text relationship with someone’s husband. I don’t think that Kenya would text [my husband] Peter [Bailey] inappropriately for any reason. I think that she respects me and I think she respects him and I don’t think that she would do that.”

Seems like I remember there being some inappropriate exchanges or at least some allegations of text message like that so, I think Kenya knows the deal.  Text married men that you just befriended is not gone with the wind fabulous!



  1. Kenya know what she was doing was wrong. She was just trying to get at Phaedra and used her husband. That’s just straight up trifling.

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  3. Kenya is a huss and dont have respect for herself better yet others. She know the behavior of texting a married man is totally disrepecful and foul but soon somebody wife that ugly duckling up she’s going to get it back double… That’s if somebody want her played out as*… All that make up makes her look descent because she is not cute at all… Thank God for makeup cause this huss would have been out left in the rain.


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