Keri Hilson Gets Gangster In Florida


Last night Keri Hilson did her part in the I Am Still Music Tour last night in West Palm Beach, Florida. The Atlanta native looked hardcore with her girly pink prison uniform. The outfit was also splattered with a ton of sparkles. Even her pink bandana screamed hardcore.What really topped off her gangsta look was her microphone which was in the shape of the gun. The barrel of the gun points towards Keri’s mouth as she sings into it.

I wonder what inspired her thugged out look? Perhaps it’s the company that she was in. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross were also at the conference. However, the two of them kept things simple. Neither of the two rappers felt compelled to do any significant costume changes.

Nonetheless, the girly-gangster was still appreciated. What do you think of Keri’s get up?  Hot or not?



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