Keri Hilson Speaking For The Ladies On Next Album + Pic’s From Powerful Women That Lead Bold, Vibrant Lives



Keri Hilson is busy working on the follow-up to her debut album, “In a Perfect World…” The singer recently spoke with “Us” magazine and revealed that her sophomore effort will serve as a voice for her female fans. She explains, quote,

“I have to speak for women. I really wanted to do an album that went more in that direction. I did it on a couple of occasions like ‘Turning Me On,’ but this time, I’m really, really going there to show women to be confident. No matter what your circumstance you have to push through.” Hilson also took a few moments to discuss her unique fashion sense. The vocalist says she always strives to be looking good while remaining comfortable at the same time. Hilson tells “Us,” quote, “I’m always trying to find an easy way between funky and functional; something that’s comfortable yet stunning.”


Keri Hilson’s yet-untitled, second studio release is expected to arrive later this year. Her first album, “In a Perfect World…,” opened at number four on the Billboard 200, and has since been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Actress Rosie Perez and Keri Hilson were spotted at a private soiree over the weekend sponsored by Belvedere’s Pink Grapefruit Vodka. The intimate affair was hosted by Dinner Party hostess Bevy Smith in celebration of powerful women that lead bold, vibrant lives.  Models Alek Wek, Sessilee Lopez, Cultural critic Michaela Angela Davis,   BMI Executive Catherine Brewton, VP Rhonda Cowan, Legendary Model Agent Bethann Hardison and Hot 97’s Miss Info were among the attendees.Look the the homie Necolebitchie and Miss Info looking all sexy in that purple and Cheetah print, I see you… LOL …  Here are some pic’s form the event, shot out the homies over at Crunktastical for the pictures …

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  1. What is going on with you Necole? They were doggin you on Ms. Rose’s website talkin about how you were looking old..I won’t say all that, but I don’t think this is a flattering pic cuz I’ve met you in ATL and you were beautiful.


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