Kesan Calls In To The Ryan Cameron Show To Clear His Name



Markice Kesan Moore, otherwise known as Kesan from “G’s to Gents” called in yesterday to the Ryan Cameron show, shortly after speaking with me, to let his voice be heard by all Atlanta. But then he stated again the charges are false. But…his daughter might have been harmed in some kind of way… “if there is a problem, DFACs needs to remove her from the house. I am not there. I am finding out information just as you are…” By the way, these events took place in July…maybe thats why his daughter is fine…IDK. In the video he gave more light to the situation.


  1. He seemed like he had a couple of screws loose on the show. If he did do this to his daughter, I hope when he gets put in jail they stick a shenk up his ass.


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