Keyshia Cole Releases Statement Detailing Issue Surrounding Family Drama … P.S. She Is Not Married


I have to say that I am at a lost for words after reading a statement from Keyshia Cole’s publicist.  I really hope things work out between her and her family.  I love them all like they are my cousins.  This is the statement that Keyshia made to her publicist today.


“To all my friends and fans – It’s time that I clear the air.  It’s not a secret that I haven’t been in contact with my mother Frankie, and my sisters Neffe and Elite and I never wanted to air out our differences to the public.   While I won’t go into detail here I find it necessary to let you guys know I decided to stop communication with them because I was at a point in my life where I needed serenity and peace to move forward. Please know I love my family very much but it was time to let it go.  You guys are a witness to a lot of what was happening from watching on air and online.   Now that I am becoming a mom my passion for having a loving and peaceful home for my child is my #1 priority. It’s very important to both Daniel and I.  My plate is very full; I have a new baby coming, we are planning our wedding and I am working in the studio on a new album that I am close to completing.  The stress that my family is giving me with their constant false reports is not healthy and it’s not what I need at this time in my life.   Please understand that there are only a few people that can officially confirm or deny anything that’s happening in my life and that’s me, Daniel, and my publicist, Tresa Sanders.  And my girl Monica never lies.”
Love Your Girl,


51 responses to “Keyshia Cole Releases Statement Detailing Issue Surrounding Family Drama … P.S. She Is Not Married”

  1. maserti rick says:

    Damn KC did it like that??? Wow

  2. what? says:

    KC keep it real just because frankie and neffe got more shine then cut them off and put them out in the streets you are hateful and selfish i don’t listen to fankie or neffe but one person who does seem real and down to earth is elite and you mad elite put some light on the problem..jeezy said you wasn’t no good i believe him now you done trick the 23 year old to marry u and get you knock up watch out boobie the bench warmer



  4. what? says:

    charles do your research first before you say they where using kc…trust me they wasn’t charles elite put the bright lights on kc lying ass…THEY SAY YOUR FAMILY WILL BURN YOUR ASS FASTER THEN A STD HOOKER




  6. Tisha says:

    Good!! I am glad that KC cleared the air and she only confirmed what many of us already knew. That is the fact that her family are all leaches and were stressing her out. Keyshia tried so desperately to help her family. But until her family is ready to help themselves, ( it was a waste of her time.) @ What (are you serious??????) you sound like you are Elilte. And Charles Hater, you sound like someone with a real problem!!!!
    If it wasn’t for Keyshia, her family would of never gotten any shine, no BET Awards shows, no appearances or anything of that nature. Keyshia has only helped her family, but in return all they did was exploit her name and do things to make KC look bad. In a nutshell, KC helped them & her family harmed her!!!!!

  7. Nikki says:

    I think everyone is beening a bit brutal to keyshia i dont agree with what she has done because i dont think it should have took 3 seasons to break away they were good 4 the rating and the pay check i dont know what happen i dont want to know but keyshia give it some time dont push them out your life it make people feel like because u got money and a man u changing and like i said previously that mrs cole is a beatiful women she was there 4 u when u needed her as achild growing up but remember u left her house early because u wanted to do u i know u have grown in ways that a true fan only knows u cant change a person into what u want them to be u cant expect growth in all people at the same time u have grown into a person that i think will be a great mother but dont expect neffe elite and frankie to grow as quick as u did dont just write them off like that maybe just limit access to u 4 a while look i dont want 2 air my on dirty secrets but my mother sold me 4 drugs starting a the age on 12 but i am 33 now she still a little wild like your mother but i forgave her 4 her past actions and now we have womans day 2 times a mouth where we shop go to a movie anything i think u may have forgiving ur mother but u cant forget is what is probaly in the way because it took years of tears 2 get to where i am now just think about it if u would ok be blessed Mrs. Cole-Gibson

  8. Calidiva says:

    Ms. Cole,

    I commend you for what you are doing. God know’s that you have done all that you could to help your family. I am a first hand witness as is millions of others. I know how hard it is to make a decison like this. I’ve had to make a similar choice. Sometimes you try to do everything in your powers to help people, but if they don’t help themselves. What more can you do? You don’t owe them nothing.

    You have a 60yr old mother, that acts as though she has no common sense. Gold teeth, dancing on poles, drunk and disorderly, high on that white girl…etc..etc.. Frankie, my dear grow up!!!!!! You repping us in cold way. I hope to God, people don’t think that’s the we all act out here in “The Town”. I’m embarresed!! So I know how your daughter feels.

    Neffe, those are your kids. You layed down and made them. It’s up to you to take care of them. Ask all your deadbeat baby daddies for help. You are emotionally draining!!!

    Elite, what were you doing a few years back before you knew you had a Celeb sis? I personally believe yall was on that ride for far to long. How do you expect to mend your relationship with your sister and you blasting personal fam biz on the net?? Blood, that’s tacky as fu**!!!! Straight Up!!!

    While I do agree, Keyshia shouldn’t take it out on the kids. They are Innocent and if she can be a good Godmother to Mo’s kids. She should be a good aunt to her nieces and nephews and allow her son to know his family. Keyshia, it would be different if the kids didn’t know you, but they do. Ms. Cole should know first hand how it feels to not know family. That in no way mean’s take out your CC or Checkbook for they mommas or grandma..

    Keyshia, you have come along way, from these streets of Oakland. It was nice to see you come home and give back over the holiday’s with Gazzali’s. Keep up the goodwork. Stay strong and contiue to put God first. Leave it in his hand’s. I truly wish you and your family the best. I hope you all can find a way to come back together. This time with some boundaries and no expectations. Goodluck on your wedding and up coming birth of your son. Happy 2010..

  9. Chanay says:

    Great Job KC!! Bout time she made those lazy hoes work.Neffe kept having babies by various men…she should let them take care of the tribe…and Frankie is on that shit!! Who wants to GIVE money they worked for to the dope man?? About time she made them do something besides live off of her!! FRANKIE DIDN’T RAISE HER NE WAY YVONNE COLE IS HER MOTHER FRANKIE WAS JUST A VESSEL!!

  10. Calidiva says:

    Oh yeah Keyshia, I seen your mom (Yvonne) in Burlington CF, in Hayward, rocking her red MB hat with matching MB car.. Too cute.. She was very nice. I see where you got your upbringing from. Thank God..

    What.. you do sound like Elite and Charles sounds so lonely, depressed and starving for attention like that other blogger SR. SR I still think Charles is your alter ego.

  11. Dilla says:

    TISHA, you took the words right out of my mouth. That poster named “what” is Elite. She’s a sorry, bust down, raggedy ass b*tch , just like her twin Neffe. Neither of the ungrateful hoes deserve anything they got from Keyshia. B*tch, if I was Keyshia i wouldn’t have just kicked you out, I would have sued you bust downs for everything I ever gave you. Typical city rats! Mad because they’re back to square 1. I remember watching an episode of Keyshia’s show, “the way it is” and Neffe had the nerve to say that if Keyshia hadn’t helped her she would still be where she is today. B*tch, did you watch the firs season of “the way it is”? You was drunk, dirty, broke and ugly.. well you still ugly but, I’m saying! You was walking around looking like that stray dog in the neighborhood that all the dogs just hop on and screw when they feel like it, and run off till next time. Both of you hoes got issues. i would say go sell your rotten smelling asses but no one would pay for those disease tanks. Go to hell professional breeders.

  12. Dilla says:

    @Chanay, get it girl! you are so right. Yvonne is her mother.

  13. Erika says:

    Wait… Im confused….. Frankie was on her spot on the raido Thursday afternoon in the “A”…And was…. Well outta wack! Ryan kept asking her what she was on or took that morning… She said her grandbaby was not gonna be a bastard… b/c Keyshia was married… WOW… Funny how radio and other places just let it become aired out like that if it’s not true! I just pray the stress doesn’t get to her and the baby.

  14. michelle says:

    they were good enough when the ratings were high on BET and the money was flowing…keyshia dont cut your family off

  15. Tisha says:

    @Michelle, Speaking from experience. sometimes we gotta cut off the family that is hurtful to us,even if its only temporary. We gotta do what we gotta do sometimes for our own happiness and sanity.

  16. Precious says:

    KC, I think you have given alot to your family. Both of your sisters are currently living in ATL in a house that they would have never had if you had not brought. You have done more than your share for your family. Keep you head up and focus on your own child that is soon to come. If you man never get any play time oh well he is bringing in a check. Um is Neffie husband bringing in a check ? Sometimes family can be worse than people on the street.

  17. l says:

    Too sad to comment …but I will say this bit here, I pray that all parties in this situation the best of hope and love in the near future. All of Frankie’s children have issues, not just Neffe and Elite.I hate family drama because it’s messy and very damaging to witness and be involved with. We know about Frankie because of Keyshia’s quest to find her mom and siblings, so we would never have known that side of her family,her biological family if it wasn’t for BET.

  18. Frost says:

    I’m proud of Keyshia, it must have been a very hard choice, but it’s the best choice for her and her new family.

    Let’s be real, Frankie & Neffe are not role models and they are three classes below Keyshia. Frankie did not raise any of her children that she fathered with multiple men while high on various drugs. Neffe is an apple, just like her mother.

    WHY would Keyshia want them to have anything to do with her child? I wouldn’t if I was in her position. They’re ghetto, disgusting, and hoodratty and Keyshia’s son deserves a better example.

  19. Sexymimi says:

    Congrats! I just found out today ur having a baby boy in March I hope it falls on my birthday the 14th (pisces) and I just found out your full name Keyshia Meisha Johnson My first name is Misha I’m a huge fan of yours in spite what any one else says your music is within and for those who can’t feel were u are coming from just have a black heart that needs for someone to pray for them and as far as the family goes everyone needs to tend to there own business !!!!! And trust and believe Keyshia I know what ur going thru and understand why u need not communicate at this time I went thru that same problem with my sister and I just wanted to be at peace and have sanity but I start thinking and you know what NO ONE IS PROMISE TOMORROW if you just call and keep it brief just to say hi and I love u it should be no problems. I hope it works out for you and Daniel and I would love to hear that you guys got married. Good luck with ur success in 2010 can’t wait til that album drops this summer I’ll be waiting ur going to continue being BLESSED and it’s only going to get better now that ur bringing a life into the world:)

  20. keith says:

    keyshia is gonna get a star in heaven for getting her family out of the ghetto! just just wanna stay hoody hoodrats!

  21. brownie says:

    Dilla, Omg I am dyng at your stray dog that gets screwed comment. lmaooooooooooooooooo! I commend Keyshia. I have met Frankie and she is a mess. So embarassing. Her family is so ghetto I say cut them off those doggone leaches need to get it together. God wont punish Keyshia as long as she loves them from a distance and continue to honour her mother.

  22. TheBest2010 says:

    Well I guess its my turn Keyshia you shouldn’t turn on your family for no reason I understand families have their ups and downs and yeah your mother may act an ass because of her past she just need an extra push so that she can learn to be her best and for Neff and Elite they may feel that you have the spot light of the family and might not know how to approach you there issues with you Keyshia your family just need help thats all you should love your family no matter what cause at the end of the day they are the people who God put into your life so you u should love them no matter what Im not going to down your family because I know every family have hard times.

  23. what? says:

    what house? oh ya’ll back on that tv land shit keyshia took the house away from neffe and put them out on the streets…neffe bought her own house ppl come off tv and know the real true facts

  24. I agree with you Tisha!

    Everyone stop basing your opinions on what you see on television, let me tell you behind the scenes is a different story, Keisha is growing, she is maturing as well as learning, we as humans do that on the journey from point A to B.

    Don’t front people, like you don’t have members of your family that you don’t speak to anymore or haven’t spoken to in sometime, cause your still upset and refuse to let go of an issue that took place 5 years ago.

    Keisha is real honey, at lease in my eyes! Being real is being both honest and truthful, some of yaw wouldn’t know what either was.

    Look at what she wrote –” I decided to stop communication with them because I was at a point in my life where I needed serenity and peace to move forward”. —

    She didn’t say she didn’t love her family, she is doing what she needs to do so she can be OK, that is no different then a man, realizing he has to go into the military so he can take care of his wife and 3 children.

    The Ultimate goal, we all gotta do what we gotta do so we are OK , in time she as well as them will come back around — family always at some point does.

  25. Sexymimi says:

    You’re right SPR

    But what comes out of maturing and growing is being the better person LIFE IS TOO SHORT she don’t have to totally cut them out even if it’s temporary I mean a phone call here and there should be no problem I went down that path of not talking to my sister and the thought came across like damn what if she dies and I never spoke to her after she was being so ignorant and ghetto,all trust and believe I keep my distance just like Keyshia I want peace and sanity but a phone call to say hi and I love u should not hurt and even fathers and mothers that go to the military they still keep some line of communication:)

  26. You’re right @ Sexymimi.

  27. SMH……..You People are ClueLess! You believe Everything u Hear and See. Ive known this Family for Years and yall dont know what goes on behind Closed Doors! Frankie,Neffie and Elite have Waited on Keyshia Selfish Evil Ass Hand and Feet only 2 b Left 2 Struggle. Keyshia got Mad bcuz They Stole the show frm her and then she stopped speaking to them. Thats The TRuth you Dummies

  28. Bottles says:

    @ 100% AUTHENTIC

    Hold Up Bitch!

    Hold Up!

    First of all, I know the family as well, trust me it isn’t hard, they ain’t the Jackson’s.

    You to busy comparing Keyshia to what she use to be, not who she is now. I see the growth.

    The rest of the family, is still doing the same shit, they were doing before, only drifference is they got a little more money.

    I had the pleasure of doing a article years ago on Keyshia, because we knew each other and with me she felt comfortable.

    Like I said and I repeat — stop comparing her to what she use to be, she is not that person now. If you truly knew her, you’d know that.

    Mary J , Lil Kim, Martha Stewart, Hell even Monica Herself are not the same people they were, when they first entered the business.

    So get your facts straight , and shut your Damn mouth if you don’t know what the hell your talking about.

    Keep in mind, who you dealing with, not everyone that comes to blogs are just some kids passing time. Us industry folks visit these blogs as well, to see what crazy foolishness yaw choose to write.

    Then you got the nerve to call someone a Dummy — GIRL STOP!!!

    Freddy, I want that hoes – – ip address.

  29. IAMAQUEEN says:

    I think she did the right thing……you can not go around helping folks that is not helping themselves. Didn’t she buy them a home and they fussing about some Christmas gifts…oh please. Become civilized and then go approach her. That mess is embarrassing every time you turn around your people on TV/ internet drunk, not doing nothing for themselves. Do you KC.

  30. what? says:


  31. andrea says:

    I think noone should be judging keyshia cole for cutting off some folks she stated if you idiots read right that she still loves her family sometimes enough is enough and just because she has money doesn’t mean she has to take care of everybody she still has bills to pay also come on and i don’t think she is in the wrong hell she tried to help them if u think about hell it showed that on the show,but you can only help ppl so much u can’t take care of everybody and who are we to judge her relationship with her fiance their evidently happy together so let them be happy .and when her album comes out i will definately buy it just like her old albums stop hating ya’ll it’s a damn new year pick up a new hobby

  32. NeNe says:

    Ahem……I’m glad that My girl Keyshia has made that choice about her family i think she made the right decision.Keyshia is finally happy now and that’s the best thing for her to do not only for herself but her bundle of joy!! I wouldn’t want my child around all that either! so i very happy for her and also waiting for the new album and the baby!

  33. Ashley says:

    All I’m gonna say is stopping communication is not gonna help anything in that situation.

  34. bluepeas says:

    That’s right “Bottles”, make those trolls fall back & bow down to the truth!!

    Keyhia wanted her family involved in her life so m/f bad n loved them unconditionally, where others like “RIHANNA” is shame as phuck of her father, even afta he CHANGED HIS LIFE to not embarrass her! Than she threw him unda da bus referring to HIS PAST in that interview, tsk tsk. That poor man has an attention-hungry amer artist clockin “BANK ROLLS” 24/7 for a kid yet has to sell merchandise out of the trunk of a bucket, WTF?! But he never complains to the media, ALWAYS speaks highly of her, was worried sick when she got smashed on & even follows her career like a doting father. Frankie doesn’t sacrifice for Key! Her crazy azz wants her own fame yet half the time when she isn’t wired or drunk, she looks like she stumbled out of a Bangkok opium den, smfh!

  35. Diane says:

    Great job KC your health and your baby’s health should be number one and you are doing the right thing. I work in a hospital and having a baby is one of the most important thing you will ever do and you do not need to add stress to it. Stay healthy and God bless.

  36. thicndawst says:

    This “What” person IS. ELIte! I talked to her on twitter xmas day or tHere after and she was talkin. Dat. Same ole shit she. Talkin now. That’s her. HeR quotes. Are the same! That ubgrateful bitch. I told her (bc I’m from oakland too, now living in the atl) that she would still b imn the slums of east oakland if it were not for KC and she came wit that same wack shit she talkin now! Well Elite… Would u have a reality show and a single if it were not for ur sis kc? Hell naw! U would b in east oakland somwhere in the 80’s giving head just like neffee aNd frankie were. I know! I lived in them parts! Hoe!

  37. mizzbutay4real says:

    I believe at this time what this family need is our Prayers, as any other family going through a stressful time. Noone can tell anyone how to handle their problems within their family, but Prayers and Positive feedback you could hardly go wrong. I feel that KC you should do what you feel is best for you and the new Baby coming, However we all know you only get one Mother(Birth-Mother) and Tomorrows not Promised, Yesterday is Gone, and all we really have is the Present, that’s why we should consider it a Gift, I’m sure since you’ve pulled back from your family they’ve had time to think, so maybe before the baby is born they understand that you are not going to have yourself or your baby exposed to, or apart of nonsense, that way your family, especially your Mother(Frankie) can be apart of one of the most Wonderful, Beautiful, and Important Experiences you’ll ever have, and that’s your Baby,,,Let her be apart of that Life Changing Moment. May God Continue to Bless You.

  38. l says:

    I hope” WHAT” isn’t Elite, because she just met Keyshia not to long ago.I thought Dariel was the “WHAT” poster because he is close to the family in a way.But, if Elite is this poster, she sounds a little jealous and envious of Keyshia’s success.BTW, Elite, the industry is not handing out record deals like they used to, and they aint paying that good either. Praying that “WHAT” is not Elite because she just met her big sis…IMO, the whole family is damaged and needs constant spiritual care and “we”,the public ,are giving our two cents in this private family matter because of Fankie’s unwise choices. Like I said before, Keyshia only has one birth mother, and when she is ready to recieve you guys back into her life; she will do it at the right time.Time heals old wounds, give her a little time and you’ll never know when the doors of communication will open again.God doesn’t move when we move, he has his own time to act. Peace.

  39. Sexymimi says:

    You’re right God doesn’t move when we move,he does has his own time to act .SO ACT NOW ! before it’s to late is all I’m saying. Peace and Love

  40. heather says:

    i wish the whole cole family success….put GOD 1st and not MAN!!!!!!

  41. Womanscorned says:

    If it hadn’t been for Keyshia, they wouldn’t be making any money like they are now…I feel like Keyshia sees the world making fun of her family. I remember when Keyshia had said that she didn’t want them to do a spin off of her mom and sister…I guess it could be quite embarassing…They all owe Keyshia so much…I can see her wanting to live a more normal life, if not a more stable one…Remember, her mom wasn’t around much for her…The whole situation is sad…We all need to pray for them and her mother and siblings ought to be ashamed of themselves.

  42. bodashus says:

    Way to go Keisha….I would cut them off for sanity also..your child does not need to be around that mess…your folks are grown and should be on their own ..they are not ur responsibility..keep doing what you’re doing and remember “ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE YOU”…..Be Blessed in all ur endeavors.

  43. Mindy says:

    I agree with those who commend Keyshia. There’s only so much that can be done for ghetto, stupid acting people. They are embarrassing. If I was Keyshia, I wouldn’t have dealt with them as long as she did Whether, she has a new man and baby or not, I congratulate her for the decision she made.

  44. jojo says:

    Frankie is a nasty woman, she needs to act her age. Judge mathis did not go for that fast talk. I think she is drinking too much, and that daughter of his name should have been drama for sorry for me. They both are nasty and it is a shame to have member of your family doing those things that they do. Shame on them.

  45. Shannon says:

    Dang KC!!!!!
    I didn’t know it got worse…Im one of your biggest fans I love you because unlike your mom and sis you took out your pain in music not drugs nor alcohol. To me your a huge hero.
    Im glad you took them out of your life your baby girl or boy do not need any stress while in the womb. People need to understand that it aint even you the first priority anymore its the bunble of love that is on the way.
    I’ve followed your life story since your very first season.
    I dont think theres any reason why people are mad that you left your family out, they weren’t there for you while your mom was prostituting you were out in the streets….it aint thanks to your mom that your standing where your at right now its thanks to the cole family that took you in and gave you a home and plate to eat.
    like i posted on an other website i got mad respect for you girl….and in my eyes you’ve taken the best decision for your babys health.

  46. promise.cherie says:

    you no what i understand what you saying (KC]i had to cut off alot of people once me and my boyfriend found out i was pregnant i dont need all that negative around my baby..neffe seem to like that and mostly your mother..all that crying yelling and emotional is so old like grow up where all grown and thats the way we should having twins and i refuse to have my angles around stuff like that so (KC]its understandable that you dont want your family around at the moment im sure the no what they did and now they want to play down…keep doing your thing and CONGRATS on everything

  47. Shay says:


  48. c rock says:

    i wonder does she still refer to her security as nigga? hopefully she has grown up and learned to treat people with respect.

  49. elaine says:

    I understand that can be stressful. The important thing you done was help your family get on their feet. Now, its time for you to truly move on and concentrate on your new family. What I mean still communicate with family but keep it a distance. Because you will always need family support when you go through chances in life. But I really give you credit for what you have done for your family this far. I see you love your family and you want them to do well but now it time for you to look out for keyshia cole and your son and hubby. That your new family now you have to separate at some point. After all, Stress is a silent killer in this world.

    Be strong and look out for you because if you just give all things to God he will make all things of your desire possible.

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