Keyshia Cole’s Mom Frankie, Writes A Memoir


If you don’t have a book out yet, you’re slipping!

Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie is one of the newest celebs to add author to her resume.

Her book ” The Best Years I Never Had” will debut online December 20th and in paperback in stores January 24th.


Check inside to get more details on what exactly her book will cover.

If dancing isn’t your thing, Frankie’s newest page turner is sure to keep you
engaged. Published through Success Books and Media; The Best Years I Never Had
takes readers through the pains of being a single mother on drugs, and Frankie’s
fight to survive day to day. The petite powerhouse bares her personal struggles
and uses them to offer women sincere, heartfelt understanding and candid advice
about sex, drugs, and overcoming adversities.

“This book will inspire; it
tells the story of a lady who’s been through everything from battling with drugs
to resorting to prostitution and everything in between….this is her journey to
turn her life around and merge into society.” Explains Frankie’s Manager,
acclaimed author and platinum producer Leroy McMath, “She’s showing people that
she has changed her life and they can do it too.”

With a new dance song and book on the way, Frankie’s going nowhere but up! Congrats on the new business venture! Will you be getting your Frankie Lons book come December 20th?

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  1. I will be getting frankie book I want 2 support her its always good 2 support someone that’s trying 2 do something good and positive I’m proud of her she still holding on


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