Keyshia Cole’s Twitter Rant About Sister Neffe’s Book ‘The Price I Paid’


Keyshia Cole is not very happy about the book, The Price I Paid,  Neffe has put out. Apparently she is claiming Neffe to be a ‘leach.’ Check out tweets inside and how she really feels about her sister!

Keyshia isn’t upset about the book but about what was said about her in the book. Well what was said triggered Keyshia to go off on a twitter rant.


Everyone has the right to their own opinion… Neffe politely responded back in a positive light saying….


Check out photos from Neffe’s book release below:


Source: TheJasmineBrand

5 responses to “Keyshia Cole’s Twitter Rant About Sister Neffe’s Book ‘The Price I Paid’”

  1. t says:

    Keisha is a miserable person with nothing else to do than make those around her or not around her just as miserable as her or even more. She has a great husband on her show I could she his frustration with her b/c of her nasty ways of behaving like she run the world. I liked her in the beginning but now we really get to see who she really is. Keisha will always need therapy.

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  3. dee says:

    kiesha cole ur done

  4. dee says:

    keisha cole nobody wants your sorry ass back house girl yall not in style no more when u sing u sound like cant breath with all the money u still cant dress u are rachet yellow bitch miserable. wat u think cause ur dry ass ran back to manny u going back on the charts.. bitch plz u dieing for fame u sick bitch how can u hate on neffie u had a family that took u like ur own do u not even care wat ur sis went threw i hate ur ass and trust u aint never coming back the fans hateeeee u ur sad always unhappy bitch kill urself blahhhhh miserable hoe ….luvvv u neffie #teamneffie

  5. dee says:

    keisha cole talking about her real mom is a train wreck watch ur words boo no matter what u should never talk like that train wreck have u ever looked ay urself when u get dress u look like throw momma from the train who the hell is your stylist r can u even afford one.. didnt manny daughter sleep with ur wack ass baby father u kno its true the fans will never buy none of ur singles trust u suck….. your the real train reck ratchet hoe cant even keep a man cause u miserable u make us the fans miserable every time we watch u we feel miserable #nomorekeishacole boooooooo boooooo boooooo……

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