Keyshia Proves Her Love to Birdman With Sexy IG Videos!



It is clear that Keyshia Cole is HOOKED on Cash Money CEO, Birdman! She recently posted videos on her Instagram of her doing provocative dance moves on a piano for him. She later took the two videos down after negative comments from her followers.

Check out the details below!

Instead of making music, these days Keyshia Cole is busy professing her love (and hate) for Cash Money Records CEO, Birdman. Last month, the singer was arrested for attacking a woman she thought to be Birdman’s sidepiece, after she walked in on them in Birdman’s home. It turns out the woman wasn’t actually Birdman’s jumpoff, but a long time Cash Money employee. Following the incident, Keyshia posted a pic of thousands of dollars allegedly sent to her by Birdman in an attempt to make things right. Keyshia seemed unmoved, adding the caption “Cash gifts are always nice. Don’t change sh*t tho.”

Now, weeks later, it looks like Keyshia is the one who wants Birdman back. Yesterday, the singer posted several videos on Instagram of her grinding, sliding and twerking on a piano. Two unidentified men stood in the shadows while Nicole Wray’s “Eyes Better Not Wander” played in the background. Soon after posting the vids, Keyshia deleted the posts, after receiving some not so nice feedback from her fans. Judging from the series of videos, it looks like Miss Cole has found herself “drunk in love.” We can’t wait to see how Birdman responds to this! More cash gifts, perhaps?

Check out the videos below:

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