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@KeyshiaCole Rocks Out At The Tabernacle For Her Point of No Return Tour!

IMG_0434Keyshia Cole

The homie Keyshia Cole stopped in Atlanta tonight for her “Point of No Return” tour! As usual, she shut it down and had the crowd going wild as they were singing along.


Check out the details below!



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Keyshia Cole is BACK and better than ever! The California native is on her “Point of No Return” tour and stopping in cities near you. Tonight landed her in Atlanta, and boy did she show us love! It is clear that the fans have missed her, and were excited to hear her new work. She performed a few songs from her upcoming album, and of course, she took us back for some of her old hits!


Her performance opened up with the talented newcomer, Adrian Marcel! This young man can definitely blow. Marcel is best known for his hit “2AM,” which can be purchased on iTunes. The R&B singer had EVERY woman in there ready to take his last name. Although, I am a fan of his work, I could not get enough of his version of R. Kelly’s Bump & Grind!” He is definitely one artist to look out for!!! 

Now, Ms. Cole definitely knows how to bring down the house! The tour is to promote her latest album “Point of No Return!” This will be the sixth studio album for the “She” singer, and it is featuring some of the hottest artist out now. Cole will have features from R. Kelly, Juicy J,  and many more!


Nothing like a woman who can sing! I had an amazing time listening to her and watching her dance.

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