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Kid Cudi Gives Up On Custody Battle Over Daughter

Kid Cudi will no longer fight for his rights of his daughter. He has been going through a tough custody battle and has thrown the white flag to his baby mama.


TMZ reports, the custody dispute is over and Cudi has agreed to let his baby moms take full custody of their daughter. This battle has been going on for over a year and back and forth with arguing. Cudi stated that he even got a place in Chicago so he could be close to his daughter and baby moms. He also provides his daughter with support. WELL, the baby mom had something different to say and said that Cudi was provided “sporadic and inconsistent amounts” of support and was an absentee dad.

In court documents she said that Cudi was violent and had a “long history of consistent drug and alcohol abuse.” On August 3rd Cudi finally let his baby mama take full custody of his daughter. She has agreed to visitation and he must pay child support.


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