Kid Cudi Leaves Kanye West Record Label, ‘GOOD Music’


kid-cudi-leaves-good-musicKid Cudi is saying “so long” to Kanye West’s GOOD Music record label. Kinda shocked to hear this!!! Cudi tells Los Angeles’ Power 106 radio that his decision to leave the label was strictly a business move. He says that “everything is cool” with Kanye and GOOD Music. Apparently, it took a long time for Cudi to break ties with the label because Kanye is his “big brother forever.” Cudi says he never to wanted to “offend” Kanye or hurt his feelings, so he put off leaving until he knew it was the right time. Jay-Z even advised Cudi about whether he should quit the label.

Kid Cudi says for now he will focus on building his own record label Wicked Awesome. The news comes as Kid Cudi is gearing up to release his third album “Indicud,” which will hit stores on April 23rd.
During the interview KiD CuDi got on the mic and freestyled over Chris Brown’s latest number for Power 106. Check it out!!!


  1. I am think it was a good idea to leave because he knew that this move was more benefical for him and kanye really didn’t have time to focus on anyone else music but his own…. Kanye is a lime light whor* and don’t want anyone to take the attention away from him neither do it like to share it so I don’t understand why he decided to sign someone so talented …. But I can see big things for kid cuddi since he is leaving kanye label…

  2. I disagree Newme I believe Kid Cuddi should remain with Kanye’s label.
    As well recognised as Kanye is, it will only hamper his progression if he moves on. All these artists always get ahead of themselves and end up failing. Not always but frequently they do.

    I think kid cuddi should have remained. That’s my opinion anyhow.


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