Kim Kardashian Distances Herself and Baby from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”



Kim Kardashian is taking a cue from her boo and plans on distancing herself from reality tv and we won’t see the baby at all.
Check out the details below.

Word on the street is that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have no intentions of sharing their baby with the public. A close source to the couple said that “You won’t be seeing North even once on the new season. Kim decided no way is she going to be part of this circus.”

Kanye West shows North West First Baby Photo
Kanye West Baby Photo

I guess the old saying that baby changes everything is true. As we all know Kanye West is very private and it seems that his thoughts on privacy is rubbing off on Kim. Kim’s family is getting ready to start filming season nine of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” which will start in LA in about two weeks. In addition to no baby Kim is going to be a little different according to the source. According to the source,

“Kim doesn’t want to film this show anymore. She’s changing her image and  breaking away from the family. She’ll be moving into her  house, but doesn’t want the cameras inside her new house.”

In addition to a more private Kim K she has announced her goal of rebranding herself as “high fashion” and her boyfriend Kanye West is supportive of this new version. Kim is serious about this life change she has fired her former publicst Jill Fritzo and has hired Ina Treciokas sho works with such stars like Katie Holmes and Sarah Jessica Parker. Go head Kim we see you fancy now! According to Kim’s friend,

“With Ina, Kim’s goal is to be transformed from a weekly magazine star to a  monthly magazine star. She wants to be a fashion icon and off  these weeklies that delve into her personal life. The one thing she wants more  than anything is the cover of Vogue.”

Good Luck to Kim K!

What do you think about Kim distancing herself from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”?

Story via NY Daily News.

Pictures via: Instagram.



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