Kim Kardashian Gets A New Reality Dating Show



Kim Kardashian already hopping back into the dating pool – and this time she’ll be makin’ a little extra cash on the side, too!

Kardashian has been “quietly pitching” the idea of a dating game show so she can find Mr. Right and hopes Ryan Seacrest (who produces E!’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians) will take her under his wing and produce the new show.

“Kim will probably stay single for awhile to see if the show will become a reality,” tells one insider.

Would you watch a Kim Kardashian dating show?


  1. kim didnt want to do playboy bcuz she didnt want to expose herself wtf is wit this pic did she get a boob job

  2. Hell No….Kim is just a used up piece of meat all the Black Stars are passing her around now, the White men don’t want her. It would be a waste of time to watch the brpthers act a plumb fool for that dirty duchebag.


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