Kim Kardashian Is The First 3D Model (PHOTOS)


We all know that Kim K has never been shy and is proving it to us again with her new photo shoot in World’s Most Beautiful. World’s Most Beautiful will be the world’s first 3-D magazine and will be released tomorrow.

However, you can’t get a look at Kim’s cakes if you don’t have any 3-D glasses.This photo shoot took place in a California desert and Kim was sure to dish to E! all the details of the ordeal,

We were in this abandoned mining town, doing this shot where I was all glammed out in black lace, and I had to lie down on this old wooden porch. I got so many splinters, in so many painful places, but I just stayed focused and tried to be sexy. I loved the contrast and how it all came together.”

Also, if you don’t have any 3-D glasses, don’t worry. A downloadable copy of the limited edition print version of the magazine will be available on iPads, iPhones, and Android phones.

All in all, what do you think of Kim’s out of the box modeling experience?


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