Kim Kardashian Posts #NoFilter Booty Shot on Instagram



Kim Kardashian is back from maternity leave with her very own #nofilter booty shot on Instagram.

Check out the bootyliciousness below.

Kim Kardashian is a new mama with a body out of this world. Looks like that nursing is helping the lovely Kim K keep that body in tact. The mother of Yeezy’s baby and girlfriend fo Yeezy took to Instagram last night to let the world know that she’s still a bad chick even after having a baby. The new attention seeking mother was spotted rocking a white too tight one piece bathing suit. By the looks of that suit she is well on her way to getting baby number two.

Is it me or does she look alot like Beyonce in this get up? The blond hair and the leotard is screaming BEYONCE to me!

I am not one to start rumors but maybe just maybe Kanye is helping her style to look a lot like his mentor and bff Jay-Z’s wife. As they say imitations is the highest form of flattery!

Neither here nor there those fat jokes about Kim Kardashian can now be laid to rest. She is one bad mama!

What do you think about Kim K’s instagram flexing?

Tell me about it in the comments below.

Picture via Instagram.

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  1. She bad as hell, can say what u wanna about the Kardashians but they know how to get money! Kim was talk about in every article because she gain weight while she was carrying her lil angel. All this picture is saying is ( look at me now). Girl u betta get”me let hate all day long Kimmy u look awesome!!

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