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Kim Kardashian Puts to Rest Rumors of her 200 lb Pregnancy Weight Gain on Instagram

kim-k-instagramInstagram Straight Flexing!

Well this looks like a typical case of “The Girl Is Pregnant” Dangggg GINA!!! Leave her alone. I’ve seen chicks down at the Blue Flame working with stomachs bigger than Kim Kardashian. She looks great! I mean how good are you supposed to look walking around apparently full grown pregnant. People kill me with their comments. Way to go Kim! I love the belly!Lets look at some other pictures of Kim Kardashian pregnant and you be the judge. I think this is a beautiful things. How many think everyone is hating that Kim K can be pretty, fashionable, and pregnant? Kimk-pregpicInstagram Picture. Ok, so leather stretches, lets give her a break!

Kim-KprgYou Better Wear that Maternity Dress Km K. You look marvelous. And you are carrying baby FreddyO Kimye very well. He’s going to have the best posture.

KimK-preggoNow this is a really cute picture and shows you the true Kardashian form. Kim just has to be the center of attention or she is simply not having it!

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