Kim Kardashian’s Hubby Kris Falls Victim To $1.7 Million Investment Fraud


UH OH! This isn’t good at all! Kim Kardashian’s hubby, Kris is now the victim of a $1.7 million investment fraud. Supposedly Kris was friends with the dude, Anthony C. Hicks, and believed that he had an investment job along with a Harvard degree. Turns out, he wasn’t a graduate of Harvard and nor did he have an investment job. Instead, he was taking money from Kris Humphries and other people and putting it into his own account.

What makes the situation so bad is that the scam artist was even invited to Kim and Kris’ wedding back in August. As of now, Hicks has been arrrested in Canada while he was attempting to flee to Switzerland. I wonder what Kim has to say about this. Then again, her family is drenched in money so $1.7 million might just be pocket change for them. What are your thoughts on the crazy ordeal?

Spotted @NYPost


  1. You know what I was rooting for her and Reggie because this kid is dumb I mean I do care if he is a pro basketball player he brought this situation on his self

  2. DEMETRIA you have never met this man before so how u know he dumbs. some people really gets me they have never met or know what is going on in someone lives but they ready to judge and call names. first of all Kim did the right thing by walking away from Reggie because she wanted to get married because if he did she would have married him. marriage is overated and in society people have been brainwashed to believe if your not married or want kids your life is not whole and everyone know its about working together and communicate which most people cant do. i wish them well because its so much hater towards them and most people need to take care of their own business.

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  4. Stacy, seriously? You’re criticizing someone ele’s opinion of a celebrity? Demetria has every right to formulate an opinion on Kris Humphries, as his career choice and recent reality lifestyle has put him in the public eye, which provides the platform for people to be critical of his behavior and/or personality. So, inferring that she doesn’t have the right to call him “dumb” is dumb of you….not to mention your remedial level use of grammer and non-existant punctuation. Run on sentences cause confusion, is a blantant disrespect to the English language, and is clear evidence of your level of education, or lack thereof.


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