Kim posts first picture of new baby “Psalm”


As you know Legendary producer Kanye West and popular TV personality Kim Kardashian recently welcomed a new baby. We finally received a picture of the new baby “Psalm”.


Kim posts a picture of baby “Psalm” sleeping peacefully and captions;”Psalm Ye,” a little wordplay, I guess Kanye West isn’t the only one who can finesse the lingo. Seems like the couple is enjoying their lives and their fourth baby. Kanye has recently celebrated another birthday as well. This makes the 42nd for the Chicago native.

Kim also blessed us with other pictures on Instagram recently, revealing new business ventures. We are anticipating big things from all Kardashian’s business ventures, because as you know they have been have much success in media and business realms.Kim captions on the post; 

My ultimate body perfecting secret is launching to @kkwbeauty on 06.21.19 ✨ Can you guys guess what it is?
Photo by Vanessa Beecroft Late June we anticipate that Kim will release some type of new drip to society. & The countdown begins!


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