Kindle Giveaway: Preview New Book Tainted Wounds By Arsin


There’s a lot of buzz about this newly released, jaw dropping novel Tainted Wounds written by Arsin. Experience what everyone is talking about by purchasing your copy today! It wouldn’t hurt either that the author and publisher is offering a Kindle Fire or $3000 cash just to purchase the book!!! Enter for your chance to win but hurry contest ends June 10, 2012 at 11:59p.m.  Check out  the preview for Tainted Wounds and get the contest details below.


Tainted Wounds: What is it about?


Naomi is the mother of Nyla and a long time childhood friend of Monroe. The three women share a tight bond like no other, but each of them are keeping secrets from one another that has been pierced and is slowly seeping out. Soon it will all be exposed, exploding into mayhem they never saw coming.


Secrets, lies, deceit…Monroe is one black-hearted female. She’s out for self and doesn’t allow anyone or anything to stand in her way. A female with no morals and a thirst to claw her way to the top, Monroe believes the people she comes in contact with should fall at her feet. But, just when she thinks she has reigned queen supreme, almighty female manipulator, someone from her past will come back to shatter her crown making sure her self-perceived powers are dethroned.


Being hot-headed may lead you to hot water…Nyla is not your typical sixteen year old. Born into privilege, Nyla has everything she wants at the base of her fingertips. The one thing she can’t have is the one thing she’ll stop at nothing to get. That very something may, in the end, be detrimental to her life.


A fragile heart is easily broken by vulnerability…After her mother’s murder, Naomi planned out a fairytale future. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. She had the perfect career as a psychologist, the perfect man, child, cars, home and fortune. But what seems so perfect to Naomi will unfold to be a façade; a clouded judgment, masked by what she perceived as an all too perfect life. Things are starting to look clear, much clearer. Just when Naomi lets her guards down she realizes that she should have protected herself with much stronger armor as she is unprepared for an ending that will rock her carefully thought out journey.


Brace yourself for a read that will blow your mind. Love, laughter, sex, murder and suspense rolled into one big ball that will burst into an outpour of a story you will never forget.


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