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KKN: Kandi Koated Nights

Kandi Koated Nights is one thing that we always look forward to being apart of during our week. This week’s KKN Topics consisted of the following: Why would you marry yourself? Why would you divorce yourself? What would make a man settle down?

When it came to answering some of these questions, our guests were not afraid to take a leap into answering. Shay “Buckeey” Johnson(LHHA) made sure to Keep It Real by telling us how she felt about Scrappy getting married. Her response was that she was in love with Scrappy and will always love him, but when he proposed it was the worst thing ever.

As time went on, a topic about Married Men stood out because it was stated that whoever the lucky lady is that marries him earned that last name. It was also stated that the spirit said for him to allow her to be a vituous woman. So if we take a few steps back, does that give leverage to co-habitat before marriage or is that too soon? When it come to sex, is it really 99% of the relationship or less than 50%?

Love is clearly not required for an orgasm, so should you gear more towards sex toys or do they hinder the human orgasms? If you haven’t put two and two together, then YES this session was just that AWESOME!!! All of the celebrities that made this possible like Kandi, Shay, DJ A One, Nikki Nicole, and Doo Doo Brown made our night.

Now we couldn’t leave them without getting a few insiders like preparing for Toya’s Birthday or Kandi’s Artist Viewing *Kandi Factory* on Tuesday for promotional artists. It’s FREE at TAGS-Luxury for Less; Doors open at 6pm.

You can find more information at or follow her on Twitter @officialKKN.

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